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Just got engaged? Where to start with wedding planning…

Where to start with Wedding Planning?

So you’re engaged? Well, congratubloodylations are in order we think! I hope you celebrated accordingly, whether that was a romantic takeaway as just the two of you or a big boozer with all your bests. But after round 1 of the celebrations are over (I say round 1 because they’re just the beginning, really) where do you start with planning a wedding? Excitement can quickly turn to panic, but don’t worry – we’ve got it covered. Here are our top tips on starting wedding planning!

Work out your priorities

It may seem like quite a heavy task to start with, but working out your priorities as a couple and individuals is crucial in wedding planning. Believe me, doing it early can solve you a whole host of problems down the line. Sit down and candidly and honestly discuss things such as: What’s the most important part of the wedding for you? What couldn’t you go without at your wedding? What have you disliked about other weddings you’ve been to in the past? How crucial is x to you? If they’re truly how you feel, there are no stupid answers in this. Not even when your partner says the most important thing to them is a meaningful, personalised ceremony, and you say yours is a hot air balloon-shaped bar.


A Cool London Engagement Shoot…

Nature versus Urban City Skyline…

Today we share with you the awesome London engagement photos of Kirsty & Ben, with the photos being taken by our very own Mr & Mrs Unique suppliers We Heart Pictures!

What I love about this shoot is the mixture of the urban London skyline alongside the hidden church remains of St Dunstans, East London.

Here We Heart Pictures tells us a bit more about the shoot… think you’ll love these images.. Enjoy!

London bridge Engagement shoot with We Heart Pictures_0014

We Heart Pictures…

Kirstie + Ben have are getting hitched in 2016 and plan on having a day that reflects their love of parties and festivals. 

They wanted to have their shoot in the neighbourhood where they live. It was a busy weekend and we walked the streets around Tower Hill and over Tower bridge. We knew it would be crazy busy so we had scouted a location beforehand that we wanted to take them too. 

St Dunstans on the East is the remains of a church in the middle of the city. It’s a little oasis and a real treasure. We had seen images before but never shot there so relished the chance to get some amazing shots at this location. Kirstie and Ben loved it too. 

Thanks for sharing the photos with us! If you want to find out more about We Heart Pictures