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Micro weddings, elopements, London venues and wedding advice from Lisa Jane Photography…

Micro weddings, elopements, London venues, and wedding advice…

Advice from Lisa Jane Photography

At the moment the government has allowed for wedding ceremonies of up to 30 people to go ahead. This means with the current restrictions that you can’t have a party afterward, but it does allow you to finally say ‘I do’ to the person you love. 

Every couple is different and every couple’s reason for getting married is different. Because of everything that has happened this year, so many couples have chosen to move their wedding to 2021. They want to have the wedding and the party they planned, that handpicked menu, those custom cocktails, and the band that’s guaranteed to get everyone dancing. Other couples just want to get married, to celebrate their relationship, and find some good amongst the chaos of this year and so are embracing the elopement or ‘micro wedding’.

I feel for every single couple faced with the decision at the moment, it’s a real mind field and there has been so much disappointment. It’s heartbreaking to watch your plans change and morph, to be taken away from you, and to figure out the next steps. But know this, whatever you decide to do…follow your gut, go with your heart and do what is right for you as a couple. You need to feel comfortable and