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How to make a wedding polaroid guest book…

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Photography & words by Alexa Loy Photography

Photo booth & polaroid fun for your guests…

A few weeks back I was sitting having a cuppa with the lovely Alexa from Alexa Loy Photography and she was telling me about evening photography at a wedding receptions. Alexa then went on to say how she had a Polaroid guest book for her own wedding and created a blog post about it. After having a good read myself, I thought what a bloody good idea and asked if I could share it with you!

So here is Alexa with a bit of advice for your big day:

“Hey Alexa, just a quick question. Have you any idea how we could source some polaroid cameras for a bit of interactive fun at the wedding? Would need film too but thought you may be able to help being in the photography world :)” – Caz & Ben

Just one of many emails and facebook messages I’ve received from clients and friends about which ‘polaroid’ camera to choose.  I love instant cameras and I love photobooths in general, and they always go down well with guests at weddings!   So time for a bit of a useful post – I thought I’d share what I’ve found to work well and have seen used at lots of lovely parties but would love to