The Boudoir Project… Learning to love your body

3 Amazing Photographers & 5 Different Women…

A few weeks back I received an invitation to take part in a Boudoir shoot that Babb Photo, Camera Hannah & Ellie Gillard Photography was putting together.

My initial reaction was thanks, but no thanks… I just couldn’t see myself doing it. You see, after having two kids my confidence in my body and what i look like was at rock bottom.

In comes Sarah to the story, a really sweet, arty, kind friend who, over dinner (and a few glasses of wine,) convinced me to take part and she offered to come along with me as support. She reminded me that I should love my body and when would i ever get the opportunity to work with these kind of amazing photographers again… if i was planning to take some of my clothes off,  why not do it in front of people you know take great photos! So with a little bit of dutch courage I emailed Laura from Babb Photo and said I was in! Eek!

Fast forward a couple of weeks and I’m standing in One Friendly Place studios surrounded by 4 amazing women, all different ages, with their own insecurities and body shapes getting ready for the shoot. Sabrina Levine was our MUA and hairstylist and it was amazing how a bit of …