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Punk Rock Bridal Tea Party… Color Pop Events!

Vibrant Girls Tea Party!

Today we share with you a fun, colourful, punk rock themed bridal shower put together by the lovely Leah at Color Pop Events. Bridal parties or more commonly known as hen parties here in the UK are a time for all close family and friends to gather together and celebrate the forthcoming wedding with the bride-to-be.

Punk Rock Bridal Tea- Colour Pop Events_0002 Punk Rock Bridal Tea- Colour Pop Events_0004

What I love about this shoot is that it shows that its ok to add some fun, sparkle and personality into the party… A traditional tea party can be transformed using bold colour, cute accessories and fun backdrops.

Leah from Color Pop Events saysI came up with the idea for this shoot after seeing a photo of Emerson’s fashion collection for Spring 2014, which was themed a “Punk Rock Garden Party”.  Taking that idea one step further, I added the tea party element to incorporate some Alice in Wonderland whimsy.  

The overall vision for the shoot was to create a beautiful setting with girls in designer clothes, but to give everything a bit of an edge to it.  I wanted people to look at these girls having an amazing time and think “I want to be them!” even if the clothes, accessories, hair, and make-up might be a little bit out of their comfort zone.  This shoot was definitely meant to inspire.’

Ranunculus Cake… Nevie Pie Cakes

Nevie Pie Cakes Rununcla_0001

Photos by Sharon Cooper Photography 

Guest Cake Post…

Today we have a lovely guest post from Natasha from Nevie-Pie Cakes. Now I’m not ashamed to admit it, but Im a huge fan of Nevie-Pie. She has taken part in many of our Mr & Mrs Unique photo shoots because she always delivers with originality, creativity and just bloody great skill! She loves a good project and in the end creates these stonking cakes that deliver on wow factor and taste.

Natasha dropped me an email regarding her most recent cake and Im only too happy to share it with you.. So handing over to Natasha…

I spend a lot of my time looking a beautiful pictures on Pinterest, and one of the pins that I come back to time and time again is a wall covered in gorgeous layers of peeling vintage wallpaper. This was my inspiration for my cake.

I really wanted to create something unusual and a little different to my normal style. This is a design that could easily be changed to include different flowers and design elements. I am definitely going to be experimenting with the wallpaper look as I love the effect it gives.

Nevie Pie Cakes Rununcla_0007

I created mock wallpaper from sugar paste and then painted the design using edible food colours trying to create a faded vintage effect in various