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Great British Summer Photo Shoot…

Great British Summer Bridal Photo Shoot_0055Photos by Jessica Withey Photography

Rule Britannia Bridal Shoot…

This stunning bridal shoot hit my inbox a couple of weeks ago and l LOVED it straight away! With great styling, a gorgeous young couple, a kick arse car and one AMAZING 100 year old union jack (send me one in the post please!), this shoot really stood out and I wanted to share it with you.

Jessica from Jessica Withey Photography (and fellow Mr & Mrs Unique supplier,) tells us about the shoot and the inspiration behind it…


The idea behind the shoot came about when Lindsay (the stylist) and I were exchanging some ideas about a collaboration in the summer. She’d been wanting to do some styling using fresh fruit and veg and wild flowers and so I got thinking.

The more we talked, the more our ideas took shape and along came the Great British Summer theme. We wanted to incorporate everything typically British about the summertime – fresh British strawberries, hay bails, deck chairs, pimms – all with a vintage ‘rule Britannia’ glamour twist.

Great British Summer Bridal Photo Shoot_0001

I bought the most beautiful 100 year old British flag – and the results speak for themselves.

This shoot was my absolutely favourite, and so much fun to shoot! Blonde bombshell models, a vintage car, and one of the settings was a strawberry field. So dreamy –