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Colourful, Fun, Festival Wedding Inspiration at Barnston Lodge Weddings

Colour pop, festival wedding vibes…

Are you ready to check out some colourful, fun wedding inspo?! Well, today’s post has it in bundles. The team behind the shoot added personality to the day by choosing vibrant colours, unique wedding furniture, props and lots of pretty blooms.

Poppy from Your Best Day Ever asked couple Charles and Benjamin to model for the shoot who sadly had their own wedding postponed back in July due to lockdown. It was the perfect opportunity to get some pre-wedding photos! We talk Poppy about the inspiration behind the shoot and also to Charles and Benjamin about lockdown, changing their wedding plans, and what they are planning for the future…

Poppy from Your Best Day Ever…

I just love this festival fun shoot! It is full of fun and laughter – the two key ingredients of a wedding! The goal of this shoot was to showcase how weddings can be full of colour, fun, and uniqueness. No wedding should ever be the same and you can see from this shoot how personal elements e.g. colours and props have been implemented to really make the day special! The suppliers who helped make this shoot so amazing were fantastic. They completely exceeded all of my expectations and this really is shown in the images. The colours work together so perfectly and each supplier

Stormy Waters – Mystical mermaid bridal inspiration with ocean tones and gothic details

Mystical mermaid bridal inspiration with ocean tones and gothic details

When I shared one of these images on my Instagram feed a couple of weeks back, you guys LOVED it! So I touched base with the lovely Chettara from Β Chettara T Photography to see if I could share more on the blog with you today!

You’re gonna love the incredible ocean toned bridal dress, the EPIC cake inspired by a piece of artwork by Christine Olmstead, the gothic-inspired accessories, PLUS the smoke bomb magic!

Over to The Dulce Experience to tell us more about the inspo…


What was your inspiration…

The inspiration for this shoot was from a random internet photo of an Amphiocopus & an abstract painting by Christine Olmstead. When I saw the painting I knew I had to turn it into a cake. At first, the two were separate ideas until Chettara reminded me that the painting matched the mood board. Then the ideas were forever married! We planned the shoot around that. We reached out to our trusted vendor friends that we have worked with before to ensure that this could be pulled off!Β 

Do you have any styling tips for readers looking to emulate this shoot?

If someone wanted to recreate this I think they would have to strategically handpick vendors. If they find one, they can ask that