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Cool, Modern, Rock n Roll Wedding Inspiration at Aynhoe Park

Cool, Rock n Roll Modern Bridal Shoot at Aynhoe Park_0001.jpg

Rock n Roll Wedding Inspiration! …

Our first ever Mr & Mrs Unique photo shoot took place that the spectacular Aynhoe Park,  in the Cotswolds. The theme was a style focused, modern bridal style with a twist… A cool rock n roll wedding, Kate Moss and gang inspired!

What I wanted to do was bring to together like minded suppliers to showcase what they do best. With over 20 creative folk taking part, it took a lot to organise but it was worth every moment, producing images that have graced the pages of two magazines and a top wedding blog! Cheers all round!

Cool, Rock n Roll Modern Bridal Shoot at Aynhoe Park_0002.jpgCool, Rock n Roll Modern Bridal Shoot at Aynhoe Park_0007.jpgCool, Rock n Roll Modern Bridal Shoot at Aynhoe Park_0008.jpg
The photo shoot took place in the opulent and breath taking surroundings of Aynhoe Park, the scene could not have been set more aptly. Union Jack bedecked stuffed polar bears, thrones having belonged to the Queen, half giraffes and art and curios collected from around the world tie in with the romantic and sensuous bedrooms that await in the floors above.

Cool, Rock n Roll Modern Bridal Shoot at Aynhoe Park_0003.jpgCool, Rock n Roll Modern Bridal Shoot at Aynhoe Park_0004.jpg

Opulence, tasteful excess and lasciviousness set the tone for the day, providing you with a tempting glimpse of what could be.
It was an amazing (but long) day for all of those that took part,  but who could complain when you had use of this magnificent private home, its quirky interior and stunning countryside views.
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Some of my favourite Wedding Cakes…

Favourite Wedding Cakes_0001

Cake by Nevie-Pie Cakes– Photo by Babb Photos

Just Some Of My Favourites…

Its coming into photo shoot season here at Mr & Mrs Unique. With the Autumn/Winter edition of our online magazine coming out in October and with three photo shoots in the pipeline over the next 4 weeks, Ive been reflective of the work we have achieved so far…

One of my favourite parts of a shoot, is seeing what our cake suppliers bake for the project. I certainly tell them they they have creative control of whatever they want to design as long as it has the wow factor! From EPIC tiered cakes, cheese and porkpie cakes to stunning cupcakes and biscuits, Ive loved all of them!

Seriously can not wait to see what is delivered at our next few shoots! Im sure we have listed with us some of the best but yet craziest cake bakers in the country… and man I love them!

Here is a selection of some of my favourites that have appeared in some of our earlier shoots…

Favourite Wedding Cakes_0002

Tattooed Bakers- Photo by Babb Photo 

Favourite Wedding Cakes_0003

Stunning cupcakes by French Made– Photo by Brighton Photo

Favourite Wedding Cakes_0004

Pink Baroque cake by Nevie-Pie Cakes– Photo by Brighton Photo 

Favourite Wedding Cakes_0005

Pansy cupcake The Sugared Saffron Cake Company– Photo by Alexa Loy Photography

Favourite Wedding Cakes_0006

Yellow snake cake North Star Cakes- Photo …