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Sneak Peek- A Magical, Winter Wonderland with a Macabre Twist!

Cool, Macabre  Bridal Inspiration…

There is something about this time of year that gets me all excited, I just love Autumn.. the darker nights, the fallen leaves, the excuse to buy some new essential wardrobe pieces ;) Plus it includes one of my favourite holidays… Halloween! Its a big thing in my household… the kids and I always dress up for it.

So when a few images from a deliciously spooky bridal photo shoot put together by Katherine at Arabian Tents (a Mr & Mrs Unique supplier) hit my inbox, i thought I would share a few sneak peeks with you.

Arabian Tents Woodland Wonderland Bridal Shoot_0004

The inspiration behind the shoot was a Winter Wonderland and involved incredible suppliers like Arabian Tents, Satin and Tat, Nevie-Pie Cakes, Head of House designs (masks pieces), Hope and Harlequin (dresses) and Isla Campbell (head pieces).

Arabian Tents Woodland Wonderland Bridal Shoot

They decorated the woodland near Katherine’s home with some LED trees, some gorgeous arabian tents and lots of lovely taxidermy… Kind of spooky, a bit witchy with some macabre detailing thrown in there. With the lit up trees, vintage dresses, elaborate headpieces and the candles it really is quite magical! You should see the whole shoot- its mind blowing!!! Ill  link it to you guys when its featured somewhere :))

Arabian Tents Woodland Wonderland Bridal Shoot_0007




Cool, Modern, Rock n Roll Wedding Inspiration at Aynhoe Park

Cool, Rock n Roll Modern Bridal Shoot at Aynhoe Park_0001.jpg

Rock n Roll Wedding Inspiration! …

Our first ever Mr & Mrs Unique photo shoot took place that the spectacular Aynhoe Park,  in the Cotswolds. The theme was a style focused, modern bridal style with a twist… A cool rock n roll wedding, Kate Moss and gang inspired!

What I wanted to do was bring to together like minded suppliers to showcase what they do best. With over 20 creative folk taking part, it took a lot to organise but it was worth every moment, producing images that have graced the pages of two magazines and a top wedding blog! Cheers all round!

Cool, Rock n Roll Modern Bridal Shoot at Aynhoe Park_0002.jpgCool, Rock n Roll Modern Bridal Shoot at Aynhoe Park_0007.jpgCool, Rock n Roll Modern Bridal Shoot at Aynhoe Park_0008.jpg
The photo shoot took place in the opulent and breath taking surroundings of Aynhoe Park, the scene could not have been set more aptly. Union Jack bedecked stuffed polar bears, thrones having belonged to the Queen, half giraffes and art and curios collected from around the world tie in with the romantic and sensuous bedrooms that await in the floors above.

Cool, Rock n Roll Modern Bridal Shoot at Aynhoe Park_0003.jpgCool, Rock n Roll Modern Bridal Shoot at Aynhoe Park_0004.jpg

Opulence, tasteful excess and lasciviousness set the tone for the day, providing you with a tempting glimpse of what could be.
It was an amazing (but long) day for all of those that took part,  but who could complain when you had use of this magnificent private home, its quirky interior and stunning countryside views.
A massive thank you to …