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A Quirky ‘Twin Peaks’ Engagement Inspiration Shoot…

Atmospheric TV Show Inspired shoot…

Today we have some quirky engagement shoot inspiration from across the pond in Connecticut, USA!

Inspired by popular 90’s TV drama, Twin Peaks, Kathleen from Parenthesis Photography has captured the mysterious, dark tone of the show so well. Teamed with gorgeous designer pieces and vintage props, they’ve certainly pulled it off!

Kathleen from Parenthesis Photography…

Quirky, moody Twin Peaks engagement shoot inspiration. Parenthesis Photography. as seen on Mr & Mrs Unique www.mrandmrsunique.co.uk

Our Twin Peaks shoot, based on the 90’s TV series, was something Allie, Elyse and I worked on for months – we really wanted to get it just right and go all-in creatively. Elyse created the rocks for the fire pit, the awesome mask that Kate wears, the Welcome to Twin Peaks sign, the red and yellow checked floor piece and sourced all of the props. Allie did an awesome job interpreting the style of Twin Peaks and choosing gorgeous designer pieces without making anything costume-y. Kate and Andrew (our real engaged couple) were incredible models and so enthusiastic about the concept.

I had been wanting to create a David Lynch or Twin Peaks shoot for quite a while, so when I mentioned the idea to Allie and she jumped on it, I knew we had to go for it. I wanted to get the right balance of a fun yet slightly dark vibe, because Twin Peaks swings so quickly from tongue-in-cheek hilarious, to terrifying.