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Punk Rock Bridal Tea Party… Color Pop Events!

Vibrant Girls Tea Party!

Today we share with you a fun, colourful, punk rock themed bridal shower put together by the lovely Leah at Color Pop Events. Bridal parties or more commonly known as hen parties here in the UK are a time for all close family and friends to gather together and celebrate the forthcoming wedding with the bride-to-be.

Punk Rock Bridal Tea- Colour Pop Events_0002 Punk Rock Bridal Tea- Colour Pop Events_0004

What I love about this shoot is that it shows that its ok to add some fun, sparkle and personality into the party… A traditional tea party can be transformed using bold colour, cute accessories and fun backdrops.

Leah from Color Pop Events saysI came up with the idea for this shoot after seeing a photo of Emerson’s fashion collection for Spring 2014, which was themed a “Punk Rock Garden Party”.  Taking that idea one step further, I added the tea party element to incorporate some Alice in Wonderland whimsy.  

The overall vision for the shoot was to create a beautiful setting with girls in designer clothes, but to give everything a bit of an edge to it.  I wanted people to look at these girls having an amazing time and think “I want to be them!” even if the clothes, accessories, hair, and make-up might be a little bit out of their comfort zone.  This shoot was definitely meant to inspire.’