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DIY Project… Created by Vintage Events

Tice bowl_0016

Create your own flower ice bowl…

Karon from Vintage Events kindly sent over this stunning, colourful DIY Project… perfect for outdoor sunny events and gatherings…

What you need:

Assorted herbs and edible flowers

Ice cubes

Wooden skewer

Two freezer proof bowls that fit inside each other (with a least a 2 inch gap around the smaller one)

Plastic bag

Cooking beans/rice

This is great centre piece for all your events and now is the perfect time to grab all those gorgeous petals from the garden and get creative. I promise this is really easy!

First ensure all the edible herbs/flowers are washed and patted dry. Let the foliage air dry.

You can choose any petals, but I suggest:

Flowers: violas/ roses/ marigolds/ lavender/ geraniums/ nasturtiums/ pansies

Herbs: parsley/thyme/mint/ rosemary

Clashing colours are always great and will attract attention so just go for it and don’t be afraid to be whacky!

First take the smaller bowl and fill the plastic bag with your beans/rice and seal. Pop the bag into the smaller bag so it acts as a weight.

Put some ice cubes in the bottom of the larger bowl and arrange some herbs/flowers on top of them (steps 2/3), then sit the smaller weighted bowl on top.

Fill the sides between the bowls with the rest of your petals/herbs. Then pour ice cold water to

Vintage Events Suppliers Photo Shoot…

Alice in Wonderland Shoot with vintage Events_0001

Photography: Rhatia Renee Photography

Alice in Wonderland…

The lovely Karon Foxwell from Vintage Events sent me over these images from her recent photo shoot. Here she tells us a little more about them and why she decided to create this fun and colourful Alice in Wonderland themed shoot:

The inspiration behind this shoot was to bring together the creative forces that contribute to Vintage Events: a wonderful photographer, make up artist, caterer and stylist.  We are all passionate about what we do and have enormous fun doing it so we thought why not use my house and my daughter as the model to showcase our talents and the new styling/prop hire side of the business.

We have an eclectic mixture of props that suited the Alice in Wonderland theme perfectly and was a joy to style and photograph. Very soon we will be doing a small video to showcase how romantic we can be as well!

We do not rest on our laurels and are always trying to engage people in what we do, working for a wide range of clients and helping them with styling and purchasing some interesting pieces for them. A huge birthday celebration or a corporate event – we have the creative vision and styling experience to bring to life your ideas.

We have just launched some workshops where you