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DIY Project… Created by Vintage Events

Tice bowl_0016

Create your own flower ice bowl…

Karon from Vintage Events kindly sent over this stunning, colourful DIY Project… perfect for outdoor sunny events and gatherings…

What you need:

Assorted herbs and edible flowers

Ice cubes

Wooden skewer

Two freezer proof bowls that fit inside each other (with a least a 2 inch gap around the smaller one)

Plastic bag

Cooking beans/rice

This is great centre piece for all your events and now is the perfect time to grab all those gorgeous petals from the garden and get creative. I promise this is really easy!

First ensure all the edible herbs/flowers are washed and patted dry. Let the foliage air dry.

You can choose any petals, but I suggest:

Flowers:ย violas/ roses/ marigolds/ lavender/ geraniums/ nasturtiums/ pansies

Herbs: parsley/thyme/mint/ rosemary

Clashing colours are always great and will attract attention so just go for it and donโ€™t be afraid to be whacky!

First take the smaller bowl and fill the plastic bag with your beans/rice and seal. Pop the bag into the smaller bag so it acts as a weight.

Put some ice cubes in the bottom of the larger bowl and arrange some herbs/flowers on top of them (steps 2/3), then sit the smaller weighted bowl on top.

Fill the sides between the bowls with the rest of your petals/herbs. Then pour ice cold water to