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How To Prepare For A Boiling Hot Wedding Day

Hot Summer Wedding Day Tips

Sure, your wedding’s going to be cool af because you’re cool, but is the weather going to be cool as well? Most people dream of a scorching hot day for their Summer wedding, with visions of idyllic outdoor ceremonies under a bright blue sky and light summer nights boozing and schmoozing. However – with the British weather as it all too often is – very few people actually prepare for extreme heat, which can make your wedding day super uncomfortable both for you, and your guests! If your day is set to be an absolute scorcher, here’s our tips for a boiling hot wedding day:

Have your wedding ceremony under shade

It’s super important to be shady at your Summer wedding. The sun feels lovely on your skin for a bit, but after half an hour sitting/standing and sweating in it it’s less than ideal. This is especially true for young children, those with sensitive skin and the elderly. Consider having your ceremony underneath in some woodland, or under a canopy. Alternatively, why not provide some parasols for guests to put up when it all gets too much? Check out our marquee and tent page HERE for some ideas.

Another great way to prepare for a hot outdoors wedding is to arrange your aisle and seats pointing away from the …

How adding embellishment can make your wedding outfit completely unique

Jan Knibbs at Atelier 19 Cheltenham…

“Your wedding day is the one day in your life when you can be completely unique and indulge your little idiosyncrasies. You may be having a themed wedding or you may just have a strong idea of what you want to wear but be struggling to find it.Β 

I specialise in couture embroidery and embellishment and won the Embroidery category in the British Bridal Awards. I create bespoke dresses with the emphasis on embroidery which are a bit quirky and individual at my little atelier in Cheltenham (Atelier 19) but obviously that comes at a price. A more economical possibility is to find a dress that you love the shape of either old or new and add some embellishment. As I use some of the same embroidery techniques as the top couture houses you can look like you’ve stepped off the page of Vogue at a fraction of the cost.

If you have ordered a dress online and on arrival you find it rather plain and not quite right, it can be embellished and added to to make it more ‘you’. Suzanne, whose wedding was featured here, had already bought a dress but when it arrived it was too short and to be honest a bit ordinary. Suzanne came to me not really knowing what she