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Asking for help with your wedding planning… Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding planning is stressful, and your friends are there to help.

Advice from Ellie at The Wedding Enthusiast

We say this as a friendly face: you can’t do everything on your wedding day, and nor should you have to. It’s the sign of your lovely disposition and kind heart that you don’t want anyone else to do anything on the day either and you want them to just relax, but you’re only shooting yourself in your beautiful glittery-heeled foot. Chances are, they probably actually want to help too!

If you’re still feeling a bit guilty about asking your bridal party to do some ‘work’ (and I say that as a loose term) on your wedding day, there’s a few ways you can minimise it in the run-up:

Firstly, make sure you play to people’s strengths. A job you may think is a rubbish task may set someone’s heart alight – I, for example, love the post office and wish I worked in one in a different life. That means I’d love packing envelopes, which is something that would make other people want to gouge their eyes out. (Not that I’m inviting myself to be part of your bridal party but hey, if you’ve got an opening – I make great cups of tea on the morning and will lead a dancefloor for the nighttime). Point …

How to make the most of wedding planning over Christmas…

Written By Ellie at The Wedding Enthusiast

How to make the most of wedding planning over Christmas…

If you get a Christmas break, it’s a rare chunk of time off that you’re almost legally required to spend majoritively on the sofa in your pyjamas. This means it can seem like an amazing time to get a whole host of wedding planning done without any interruptions, pesky distractions or time constraints. However, it’s worth considering taking a break from the wedding things over the festive season, so here’s how to make the most of wedding planning over Christmas by doing the least.

Spend time with your friends and family…

First and foremost, spend the festive season focusing on friends and family. If they’re invited to the wedding, it’s probably (and should be) because you love their company, so why deprive yourself of that very thing? Whether it’s your family, work friends, or the pals you made on the first day of school, the Christmas holidays is a great time to spend actual time with them. Go to the pub, watch Christmas films on the sofa, or go for a nice country walk without the need to get back to discuss stationery urgently  – time spent doing stuff you love with the people you love will subconsciously get those juices flowing for the wedding anyway. 

But take