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Love is not cancelled – Lockdown love stories

Lockdown Love…

Zoe and Christian had planned a June 2020 wedding, which sadly was postponed due to the lockdown. Like many couples who have chose 2020 for their wedding year, they had to make the decision whether to move it to a later date when all their friends and family could attend, or wait until lockdown was lifted and have an intimate ceremony instead. They decided to go ahead with the later.

Their wedding photographer Stephanie Butt reached out to them and suggested a social distancing photo shoot to celebrate and mark their original wedding date. So off the three of them went to wonder the empty streets of Digbeth in Birmingham. I love the photos of them dancing in the empty graffitiย streets; embracing in the rain and laughing under clouds of rainbow confetti!

Today we chat with them about how they felt about lockdown, how they made changes to their original wedding plans and what they learnt about the experience…

Zoe & Christian…

Tell us a bit about you and how long you have been togetherโ€ฆ

We are from Sutton Coldfield and are great lovers of B’ham and the Midlands.ย  We are both cat lovers, massive foodies and enjoy a cheeky drink or two!ย  We have been together just over 4 years now. We met whilst working in Hampshire, another place we love