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Alex & Audrey’s Engagement Shoot…

Wedding Photos by Paola De Paola Photography

Brighton Engagement Shoot with Paola De Paola…

This lovely engagement shoot was sent over to me by Mr & Mrs Unique supplier Paola De Paola Photography. I instantly loved the photos… For one I love the colour co-ordinated outfits and secondly it looked like they had a right blast doing the shoot! Thats what its all about… having fun, creating special memories, recording precious moments of your relationship.

Here Alex tells us a bit more about how they met, their engagement and a bit more about the actual shoot:


How did you meet…

Our mutual friends came up with this idea of introducing us but couldn’t find the right moment until one day when I was walking down the street in Forest Hill and literally bumped into them together with Audrey. We’ve been together ever since – 4 happy years and many more to come!

Tell us about the proposal…

We both secretly came up with the same idea to propose to each other at exactly the same time, on our second anniversary, and were working on two totally different plans and then at some point I have found out what Audrey was up to and had to confess about my intentions too:)

We ended up going for a romantic trip to Barcelona and exchanging the rings

Mr & Mrs Unique Photo Shoot… Lodge Farm BnB

Lodge Farm bnb_0001 Photography credit: Binky Nixon Photography

Lodge Farm BnB…

We are soon to welcome new venue Lodge Farm BnB to Mr & Mrs Unique, a gorgeous farmhouse set in the idyllic Hertfordshire countryside of Lilley Bottom in Kings Walden.

When I visited the venue a couple of months back, the owner Maria showed me around and I was really taken by the endless countryside views… we are talking amazing! Being quite new to the wedding world (they have a number of weddings under their belt, but are looking to take on more bookings,) they really didn’t have any marketing materials that really showcases how special it really is. So in jumps Mr & Mrs Unique and we quickly organised a photo shoot of local unique wedding suppliers.

I have to say that it was the most relaxed shoot I’ve ever been on. It was such a beautiful day, Maria was so kind to us making us feel at home, and its always fun working alongside people you know really well. Photo shoots are normally really hard work, but we had a plentiful source of tea, cakes, strawberries and sunshine! Lush!

Anyway, whilst Binky works away editing all of the images I am happy to share these few sneak peeks with you… Hope you like them!

Lodge Farm bnb_0002 Lodge Farm bnb_0003
Lodge Farm bnb_0004