The Boudoir Project… Learning to love your body

3 Amazing Photographers & 5 Different Women…

A few weeks back I received an invitation to take part in a Boudoir shoot that Babb Photo, Camera Hannah & Ellie Gillard Photography was putting together.

My initial reaction was thanks, but no thanks… I just couldn’t see myself doing it. You see, after having two kids my confidence in my body and what i look like was at rock bottom.

In comes Sarah to the story, a really sweet, arty, kind friend who, over dinner (and a few glasses of wine,) convinced me to take part and she offered to come along with me as support. She reminded me that I should love my body and when would i ever get the opportunity to work with these kind of amazing photographers again… if i was planning to take some of my clothes off,  why not do it in front of people you know take great photos! So with a little bit of dutch courage I emailed Laura from Babb Photo and said I was in! Eek!

Fast forward a couple of weeks and I’m standing in One Friendly Place studios surrounded by 4 amazing women, all different ages, with their own insecurities and body shapes getting ready for the shoot. Sabrina Levine was our MUA and hairstylist and it was amazing how a bit of pampering gets you in the mood. Seeming as I felt slightly sick with nerves turning up, within 10 minutes I felt totally at ease.

Boudoir Wedding Photography - Babb_0026

It raises the question to me about Boudoir shoots… Why is it perceived that if you want to take part in one, you can be objectified as a woman who wants to get her boobs out for the lads?! This shoot was the complete opposite of that, years of putting myself down and feeling low was lifted in one afternoon. I was surrounded by beautiful women in front and behind of the camera who wanted me to feel good about myself. I felt totally empowered and was completely buzzing by the end of the day, so much so a few glasses of champagne was the only way to celebrate afterwards!

So here is to feeling good about myself again, to Babb, Hannah & Ellie for being so kind to us and taking the awesome photos, Sabrina for taming my hair and giving me smokey eyes, and to the other ladies on the shoot; Sarah, Becky, Delphine & Sara for being my supporting comrades!

I will never forget the experience and would highly recommend it as a truly empowering experience.

If you’re interested in a boudoir photo shoot pop over to Babb Photo, Camera Hannah & Ellie Gillard websites and drop them a message.

I will have some more amazing photos of the girls soon, but in the meantime here are some sneak peeks from the shoot…

Photos by Babb Photo…

Boudoir Wedding Photography - Babb_0021


Boudoir Wedding Photography - Babb_0022


Boudoir Wedding Photography - Babb_0023


Boudoir Wedding Photography - Babb_0024


Boudoir Wedding Photography - Babb_0025


Photos by Camera Hannah …

Boudoir Wedding Photography - Hannah_0011 Boudoir Wedding Photography - Hannah_0012
Boudoir Wedding Photography - Hannah_0014
Boudoir Wedding Photography - Hannah_0015 Boudoir Wedding Photography - Hannah_0016 Boudoir Wedding Photography - Hannah_0017 Boudoir Wedding Photography - Hannah_0018 Boudoir Wedding Photography - Hannah_0019 Boudoir Wedding Photography - Hannah_0020

 Photos by Ellie Gillard Photography…

Boudoir Wedding Photography - Ellie_0001 Boudoir Wedding Photography - Ellie_0002 Boudoir Wedding Photography - Ellie_0003 Boudoir Wedding Photography - Ellie_0004 Boudoir Wedding Photography - Ellie_0005 Boudoir Wedding Photography - Ellie_0006
Boudoir Wedding Photography - Ellie_0008
Boudoir Wedding Photography - Ellie_0009 Boudoir Wedding Photography - Ellie_0010


4 thoughts on “The Boudoir Project… Learning to love your body”

  1. Martina - Photostories says:

    So so beautiful, all of them. Stunning, well done ladies!

  2. WOW! these are all amazing… makes me want to take my clothes off!

  3. These are lovely and such an awesome venue!

  4. Katerina says:

    you are all gorgeous! fabulous shoot, beautiful women, luscious outfits – wow! x

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