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Bespoke, Handcrafted Cakes…

Today we have a chat with Cake Baker Rania from The Custom Cake Boutique. This lady knows how to bake an incredible wedding cake… Delicious, bespoke and full of detail… just check out her sugar flowers!

Rania from The Custom Cake Boutique…

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Tell us a bit about your business…

I make beautifully bespoke wedding cakes (and more!) from my home in NW London.

What made you start up the business…

I found cake decorating completely by accident, just 5 years ago, having already been to university, started my career in the corporate world and never baked or decorated before. Over the years, I’ve taught myself everything, having become absolutely hooked on the beauty and elegance of wedding cakes.

As my baking and decorating skills grew over the years I realised that I’d found my calling in life, a feeling I’d not felt at any job – and that’s very exciting! And so earlier this year I decided I would make it happen, slowly and surely, but it’s amazing how much energy you can put into something when you are truly passionate about it. It’s this passion that means whenever and whatever I’m doing that’s cake related, never feels like work, it feels like great fun. Even the admin!

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What makes you Unique…

I’m passionate about raising the bar on wedding cakes – you can have beautiful cakes that are also delicious and that your guests will want to eat. Everything I make is in small batches, made with the finest ingredients and lots of attention to detail!

What kind of couples match your style of service…

My style is quite relaxed and personal, I love getting to know the couple and feel a little bit of their excitement. Couples who care about the quality of the cake inside as well wanting a design that that is unique to them and their wedding are my kind of couple!

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Tells us what you love about your business…

My favourite bits are at the very beginning of the process, the dreaming up of a design, talking to the couple, watching them eat all the cake samples! And then also at the very end, when I’m creating all the different parts of bringing that design to life, so to speak, in sugar.

It’s such a fulfilling process, there’s the excitement and the build-up and adrenalin, and then each time seeing the fruits (or rather the cakes!) of my labour sitting in gorgeous surroundings and for such happy and love-filled occasions.

Most favourite event/ wedding…

That’s such a hard choice, it’s like choosing your favourite child! Each one is always different, which is great for the artist in me. If I really had to choose it would the very first wedding cake I made, having never baked, delivered or set one up before, interacted with a bride-to-be, or known what to expect at the venue, it all went so smoothly that I realised I could do this, and so I did.

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People’s reaction to your business…

Those flowers are made out of sugar?!? No way!

Future plans…

My plan is to one day move into a retail space, with plenty of deliciousness baked fresh each day, space to run classes and of course the space to make cake dreams come true. I already have a Pinterest board for what it should look like, so I guess I’m pretty much there!

Welcome to the team Rania! To see more cakes and to make an enquiry visit her website here

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