• Bespoke, hand written calligraphy on all our stationery
  • Three different house printing methods for all budgets.
  • A high level of customisation without the bespoke pricetag
  • Full range of matching stationery, and if we don’t have it we will happily create it.
  • Calligraphy services to accompany your stationery.

About Us…

We are a paper studio specialising in calligraphy based wedding stationery and foil printing. We love big colours, unexpected elements, all things metallic, and creating a beautiful and inspiring beginning to your perfect day.

The Golden Letter is run by Zoe from her London based home studio and our customisable invitations are designed, drawn, painted and printed here, by hand. Zoe has been practicing calligraphy, both traditional and modern, for several years and our Studio is a culmination of a 20 year strong love affair with the written word, paper goods and stationery. The magic of a beautiful and tactile piece of mail arriving through your letterbox will never be surpassed by anything electronic – there is nothing like setting the tone for your very special day with a gorgeous piece of stationery.

We absolutely adore how a thick, textural invitation feels and honestly can’t think of anything we would rather do than help you create that gorgeous piece of magic.

What Makes Us Unique…

Each of our customisable ranges have been designed with the style conscious couple and beautiful simplicity in mind. We have a range of printing methods including hot foil and digital foil, and our stationery is highly customisable. From the hand drawn bespoke calligraphy elements, through to colour options, wording and matching items, the high level of customisation along with our range of house printing methods all come together to result in bespoke invitations without the fully bespoke price.

Everything except our digital printing is done in house. Calligraphy, foiling, metallic elements, hand finishing, assembly, lining envelopes, matching place cards –if we’re creating it for you, it is made by us. We love unexpected detail, unusual textures, bright colours, sourcing the perfect item to bring it all together. We have a lifetime love affair with paper and we love to share that with our clients.