We’re off to The Hub!!!

The Hub- Wedding Collective_0001 The Hub: A Workshop For Wedding Professionals!

So the day has arrive and I will be presenting at The Hub Workshop, run by The Chosen Wedding Collective in London today!

Ive been practicing my presenting skills (**Yikes!!**) and hope I have everything with me! I’m super chuffed to of been asked to come along and talk a bit about Mr & Mrs Unique- I hope to share my journey and what I’ve learnt in the few years I’ve been up and running.

Im also pleased as punch to see some fellow bloggers there and to hear first hand their experience within the wedding industry. Im also excited to see the workshop set up as I know Curious Fair have been working behind the scenes making it look pretty. A cocktail hour wraps everything up and by then Ill know if I have survived the day! Whoop!!

Wish me luck!

If you want to be kept up to date with the workshop and what happens, you can keep an eye out for updates across my social media and also via The Hub’s social media pages

Instagram @chosen_wedding_collective

Twitter @cwedcollective

Facebook @chosenweddingcollective

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