• Quirky craft beers
  • Delicious eye catching cocktails
  • Rustic wooden bar structures
  • Props and decor around bar area
  • Interactive bar tenders

About Us…

James and Dan met several years ago while working in a bar on the French Riviera.  Their shared passion for great drinks and excellent service led them to spend hours planning how they would eventually create a bar together.

James and Dan kept the idea alive, even though living across the globe from each other, until both living back in London when one day they came across a load of reclaimed wood and so the journey began.

With over 20 years combined experience in events and hospitality, James & Dan believe in delivering an eye catching bar experience ‘ The Libation Station,’ full of fun, personality and fantastic drinks,  fit for any event.

What Makes Us Unique…

We serve exciting beers brewed by micro breweries, mainly in the UK. There’s some really talented brewers out there now, making some really interesting beers and we aim to take them to events.

We also serve cocktails, made in vintage jam jars, topped with lots of fresh fruit and herbs. We create our own cocktails and give couples a chance to personalise the names of the cocktails for their special day.