Tiffany the vintage caravan…

The Cutest Vintage Caravan…

I couldn’t resist sharing with you today this vintage styled photo shoot of Tiffany The Vintage Caravan, that hit my inbox a couple of weeks ago.

Tiffany the Vintage Caravan is aimed at the vast growth of the outside/festival wedding scene, offering tons of options to help couples add a special something to their wedding day. This retro caravan not only works as a bar, it can be adapted to offer tea and cakes, a cool alternative for a photo booth or even a candy floss and popcorn bar! What a cool thing to rock up to your big day!

Here Nikki, the owner tells us more about why she loves Tiffany, what made her set up the business and what she can offer you for your wedding day


Tiffany The Vintage Caravan_0003

We never had much interest in caravans until we saw a beautiful slightly dirty vintage caravan sitting in a lovely old mans garden.

We knocked on his door and he told us he used to holiday in her every year with his wife but since she sadly passed he was too sad to go it alone.
He told us he would love us to take her and give her a new life with lots of new adventures. Tiffany was born and we caught the caravan bug now there’s no looking back.

Tiffany The Vintage Caravan_0002

We then worked very hard to bring Tiffany back to life. Painting, wallpapering, making her curtains, and bunting and giving her a brand new look with a Tiffany blue paint job.

When Tiffany was finished we needed to show her off. So we decided to do a styled shoot and teamed up with Bruce Neville Photography who had the same vision as us, a glamorous vintage shoot.

Tiffany The Vintage Caravan_0016

All our flowers where provided by the very talented Brandon of

We got some beautiful models involved Evie Snow, Sophie Watson, Cici Von Crypt and a great make-up Artist Zara Lipstixx

Tiffany The Vintage Caravan is not only a business but is also our new hobby and our passion.

Tiffany The Vintage Caravan_0011

We absolutely love attending peoples weddings and bringing something to peoples special day.

Tiffany can be tailored to whatever people want for their wedding: Each service comes with two vintage clad assistants to assist your guests.

A photobooth – Fun photography at your wedding. – Who would have an soulless automated white box photobooth when you could have the beautiful Tiffany and her lovely personal assistants

An ice cream parlour – Reviving all your ice cream sundae favourites. Banana split, Eaton mess, Strawberrys and ice cream etc…

A vintage tea emporium – Afternoon tea at its best – sandwiches, cakes, tea etc….

A mobile sweet shop – A selection of sweets displayed, Your guests are welcomed inside and encouraged to choose, weigh and fill a bag to take away.

A candy floss and popcorn bar – Freshly spun candyfloss and freshly popped popcorn all made at your venue for your delight

A drinks servery – We are happy to serve your reception or welcome drinks from Tiffanys serving hatch.

We are based on the south coast but cover a wide area – please drop us an email if you would like Tiffany to come to your wedding. You can also visit the website here for more information and enquiries

Tiffany The Vintage Caravan_0004 Tiffany The Vintage Caravan_0005 Tiffany The Vintage Caravan_0006 Tiffany The Vintage Caravan_0007 Tiffany The Vintage Caravan_0008 Tiffany The Vintage Caravan_0009 Tiffany The Vintage Caravan_0010 Tiffany The Vintage Caravan_0012 Tiffany The Vintage Caravan_0013 Tiffany The Vintage Caravan_0014
Tiffany The Vintage Caravan_0017
Tiffany The Vintage Caravan_0020 Tiffany The Vintage Caravan_0019 Tiffany The Vintage Caravan_0021 Tiffany The Vintage Caravan_0022 Tiffany The Vintage Caravan_0023 Tiffany The Vintage Caravan_0024 Tiffany The Vintage Caravan_0025 Tiffany The Vintage Caravan_0026 Tiffany The Vintage Caravan_0027 Tiffany The Vintage Caravan_0028 Tiffany The Vintage Caravan_0029 Tiffany The Vintage Caravan_0030 Tiffany The Vintage Caravan_0031 Tiffany The Vintage Caravan_0032

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