The vibrant, outdoor humanist Ceremony of Lou & Ben…

Vibrant Outdoor Wedding with Homemade touches…

Happy Friday peeps!!

Its nearly the weekend and to finish off another fab week back at Mr & Mrs Unique HQ, I want to revisit a wedding we showcased in our most recent Mr & Mrs Unique Magazine.. the awesome wedding of Lou & Ben!!

Photographed by Mr & Mrs Unique supplier Binky Nixon, this is possibly is one of my favourite weddings… The bride Lou added homemade touched including lots of her incredible cakes (she is the baker at A Little Piece of Cupcake)

This is definitely a wedding to check out, share the love and tell me what are your favourite bits.. I would love to know! For me there was a few! I loved the outdoor ceremony under a willow tree and walking out under the colourful bunting, the triumphant homemade cake table, the taco street food and who can not LOVE those flowers!!! **Swoon** Enjoy…

Name of the couple: Ben and Lou

Wedding Venue & Reception: Nether Winchendon House

Lousie & Ben…

Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0004

Tell us how you met and got engaged…

We met at school, Ben was the year above me and I always liked him, but it wasn’t till 4 years later we got together after bumping into each other on a night out.

We got engaged in Goa in December 2012, it was so special, on a rickety bridge over a lake, with both his hands held into fists, he told me to choose a hand- Ben is a bit of a pranker, and always tries to scare me so i was a bit worried as it would probably be a cockroach or something horrid, but no, he got down on one knee and proposed! It was such a surprise! We kissed and turned around to be greeted by an explosion of fireworks- that Ben had not organised, it was just perfect timing.

Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0002 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0003

What was your main hopes…

Our main hope was that it would stay dry as we were getting married on the lawn under a willow tree; there was no plan b! We also wanted a relaxed atmosphere that our guests would enjoy.

Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0024 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0037

Was your favourite part of the day…

Apart from the ceremony my favourite part was after dinner while we were having a drink and ice cream in the bridal garden. Everyone was enjoying themselves, all the kids were playing and knocking down the Piñata, photo booth was in full swing and the sack races were happening.

Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0008

How was your day unique…

Our wedding was unique as we had a humanist ceremony, Zena our celebrant was amazing the service was totally to our taste and us! Instead of a hymn we sung Anchorman’s afternoon delight!

Food wise we had the taco truck rock up and serve us some amazing Mexican food.

What was your budget…

We didn’t want to spend too much on our wedding day so did a lot of crafting and collecting ourselves our budget was £10,000 but think we may have gone £1000 over.

What was your biggest expense…

Our venue, but was absolutely worth it and very reasonable.

Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0006 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0009

How did you save money…

I have my own cake business a little piece of cupcake, so I did my own cake table. We searched through many car boot sales for little touches and vintage plates, I made meters of lace bunting with old net curtains, hessian cutlery pouches, paper flowers the list is endless!

Advice to any couples about to get married…

Do what you want to do, its your day!! Get the best photographer you can afford. Use pinterest as it will give you great ideas and show you how to achieve them.

Thank you to  wedding photographer Binky Nixon  who captured this wedding so beautifully <3 Big love for this! To find out more about Binky you can check out her website here

Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0010 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0012 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0011 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0013 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0014 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0015 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0016 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0017 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0018 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0019 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0020 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0021 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0022 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0023 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0025 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0026 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0027 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0028 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0029 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0030 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0031 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0032 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0033 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0034 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0035 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0036 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0038 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0039 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0040 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0041 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0042 Lou & Ben Binky Nixon Photography_0043

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  1. HattieCH says:

    What a truly unique and beautiful wedding – looks like a fun and festive day that really reflects the relationship of the newly weds :)

  2. Wow what a wonderful wedding! Love the flowers! Great images.

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