The Vintage Disney ‘Up’ Inspired Wedding of Sarah & Ryan…

Disney Up Balloons…

Today we’re bringing you the fun, musical, Disney ‘Up’ inspired wedding of Sarah and Ryan, photographed by the super lovely Lorna Lovecraft.

They described their theme as ‘us and everything we enjoy together’, which I just love! Records, balloons, camper vans, and the awesome Grape badges from Up made an appearance, all washed down with good old pub grub…sounds like my kinda party!

The couple: Sarah & Ryan

Wedding Venue: All Saints Church, Brantingham

Reception Venue: Goodfellowship Inn, Hull

Lorna from Lorna Lovecraft Photography

Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0002

Why you love this wedding…

I just love Sarah and Ryan! They are laid back, fun, a little bit rock n roll and completely unique, and this reflected beautifully in their wedding day.  

What were the couple’s requirements…

They wanted me to capture all the little fun moments in their day and were keen to try some poses for their couple shots that weren’t too posed or contrived. We ended up getting a couple of fun shots outside of the reception venue with Sarah on Ryan’s shoulders, to reflect their love of gigs! 

Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0003

Favourite details of the day..

I love the mix of different influences and styles that all came together to reflect Sarah and Ryan as a couple. The details I particularly liked was the drumstick and vinyl record table decorations and the grape soda badges from Disney Pixar’s film ‘Up’. 

Favourite moment of the day…

The day was full of great fun (and funny!) little moments, but my favourite part of the day was actually very early on when Sarah’s dad helped her fasten her wedding dress. It was just such a lovely tender moment and you could see the pride and love on dad’s face.

Sarah & Ryan…

Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0005

Tell us how you met and got engaged…

We have been together since we was around 15 years old . We went to the same school and was in the same tutor group since year 7 but had never really noticed each other. It wasn’t till we was about 14/15 that my friends and his would all hang out together, especially going to watch rugby together and sometimes playing rugby!

I really liked Ryan but wasn’t sure how he felt about me, we had gone to a rugby match away together and when we got back home I got a text from Ryan. He asked me what I’d say if he asked me out, I asked if he was asking me out. He said he’d tell me once I told him my answer (Lol), I obviously said I’d say yes and we’ve been pretty much inseparable since!
Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0004

Ryan was the one to propose. We booked to go see Lana Del Rey –which was amazing ! We stayed over in Manchester and the next day we’d agreed to go for breakfast at an American style restaurant we liked.  The next day Ryan was really eager for us to set off early, we ended up at an airfield were Ryan had planned us to go in a helicopter. When In the helicopter he proposed! I’d had no idea about any of it , he’d got my ring, asked my dad before for my hand in marriage and even packed me a bag of clothes! He’d also arranged for us to stay in a hotel near by, and booked a cute little Italian restaurant for the evening. It was all perfect!

What were your main hopes and dreams for the day…

That everybody enjoyed their selves and that we got to spend as much time together as possible during our day. We wanted people to notice all the detail we’d put in and to say “that’s so Sarah and Ryan ”. Also that we would dance the night away to the band we’d hired.

Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0008

What was your favourite part of the day…

There was a moment after the meal, just me and Ryan went outside away from everyone else.  We sat on the curb in my wedding dress and his suit, reflecting on the day – it was nice to have that moment alone. Ryan said his was seeing me in my wedding dress for the first time .

Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0009

How was your day unique…

We made as much as possible personalised to us. Our love of music and going to gigs was shown through our table plan and table decorations and favours. We did a CD of the soundtrack to our wedding for the favours. The tables were all single LP’s on drumsticks with our favourite songs by singers/bands we’d been to see together. A guitar of which belongs to Ryan’s dad was our guest book.

Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0007

For our love of tattoos –we had a little vintage Elvis tin filled with  temporary tattoos. Our love of rugby –I threw a rugby ball instead of my bouquet. For our favourite film Disney UP- we both wore the grape soda badge, mine on my garter and his on his suit jacket. We also had 50 pastel coloured balloons for the photos, which in the wind proved a little more challenging then we’d planned!

We also had “proper” pub food for our meals –nothing fancy! Our menu included a  fry up, fish and chips, and cheesy nachos! We like to think we’re pretty down to earth people and wanted our wedding to reflect that. Our theme was us and everything we enjoy together.

What was your budget…


What was your biggest expense…

The band, Badness  (a Madness tribute band, well worth it!) 

Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0051

How did you save money…

Making as much as we could ourselves such as evening invitations, table decorations, table plan, ribbon backdrop, favours and teacup candles.

What was is like working with your photographer…

Both photographers were great! Really made us feel at ease and so friendly! We felt Lorna knew what we wanted. We choose Lorna after looking at her previous work. They blended into our guests during the evening which was great and had fun with us! The little touches Lorna adds when sending the photos are so cool and make it extra special!

Advice to any couples about to get married…

Spend as much time together on your special day as possible as it’s your day! Don’t worry about anything, if little things don’t quite work out as you thought-out won’t care on the day anyway :) Enjoy yourself- you’ve worked hard planning it all you deserve to enjoy it! We made a promise that we would dance as much as possible to band we had – which we did and created so many happy, funny memories as well as me trying to crowd surf!!

Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0011   Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0013 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0012 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0014 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0015 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0016 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0017 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0018 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0019 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0020 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0021 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0022 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0023 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0024 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0025 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0026 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0027 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0028 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0029 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0030
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Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0033
Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0035
Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0036 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0037 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0038 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0039 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0040 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0041 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0042 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0043 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0044 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0045 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0046 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0047 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0048 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0049 Vintage, Disney Up Inspired Wedding_0050 The Team…

Wedding venue –All Saints Church, Brantingham

Reception-Goodfellowship Inn-hull

Dress –Ella D bridal studio, Roos, East Yorkshire

Accessories-head piece –magpies den vintage clothing , Hull

Shoes-converse and personalised by custom crystal shoes, Hull

Grooms attire- moss Bros

Transport- vintage bus, East Yorkshire buses

Campervan-the alternative wedding cars company-east Yorkshire

Flowers- graham’s florist, Hull

Stationary-invites for all, Hull

Cake –juniper cakery


Music/ band –badness

Pure indulgence chocolate fountain


4 thoughts on “The Vintage Disney ‘Up’ Inspired Wedding of Sarah & Ryan…”

  1. Sarah taylor sedman says:

    Thank you for this !
    Tahnks to kara Rosser- at visage for doing mine and bridesmaids hair
    Make up -Lyndsey carlson
    And nails ashleigh Snaith

  2. Sharron @sweetnique says:

    Lots of small personal beautiful details that all came together on the day, beautiful couple, reflected in their day x

  3. Heather says:

    loved this wedding, great images, loved the brides dress and all the bridesmaids and their dresses. So many interesting ideas.

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