What a smashing week…

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Photos by Tim Matthews Photography

Two parties & one sore head…

Well what a night that was! This post is delivered to you via one sore head and sponsored by Smirnoff! haha! I spent the first half of last night at a friends wedding catching up with one lovely bunch of friends, (good to see Mr & Mrs Unique suppliers All Occasion Party Tents and Cantina Carnitas doing their thing,) then grabbed a cab back into town to meet up with the hubby for a mates 40th. Nothing like some good old indie music to keep everyone on the dance floor till past 2am! Even managed a lie in with the kiddies staying over at the parents… well if you can call 8am a lie in!

It just topped off a pretty good week! Last Sunday we took a day trip up to Walsberwick, as the weather report promised sunshine and it didn’t disappoint. As we sat on the beach enjoying the first time my little girls feet hit the sea we bumped into the lovely Tim from Tim Matthew Photography, a good pal from home. Funny how you can drive 2.5 hours away from home and the first person you see is someone who literally lives around the corner!! Ever the true professional he was down at Walsberwick with his camera and as we sat around talking he started snapping away.

This week these really gorgeous images of my little family was delivered to my inbox and it made me think how lovely it was to have these family snaps, that literally caught amazing moments of our day. I didn’t even realise he had taken so many, but I love the fact they are so natural and unposed… I will really treasure them forever.

It also made me think how fun it is to have a family adventure with a photographer there, nothing quite like someone who understands their craft taking professional photos, capturing special memories, rather than the ones we seem to capture daily on our iPhone! Its not the same and never will be! Perhaps next time you go out, maybe you could consider a family shoot…

All photos were taken by Tim Matthew Photography and you can contact him here or via Facebook here 

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